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December 6, 2010
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Deafening sirens
The screeching of the tires
The mumbling radio
Tireless cogs
Boom, bang, bing!
Tangled cables
In its heart
Honk, hank, bang!

It purrs in anxiety
In ecstasy, advances
Crushing below litter and glass;
It slithers in vanity
'Till it runs out of juice,
Go ahead and give it some juice!

The surrounding voices fade
As I stare into the nothingness
Of chunks of metal plates
Handled by working ants;
They crawl about and struggle
To reproduce horses of the future
And find the coins in their s***

Pollute my cloudy ears
And suck the energy from my bones;
Give it more juice
And bite off my peace and composure
'Till I become aloof
And out of juice

Stop the roaring of the motor
The swishing window wipers
The ticking turning signal
Infesting my little head!

Oh, buzzing beast!
Steam's bursting out my pores!
Throbbing fire in my veins!
I'll defeat those working ants
So they never rest again!

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