The Darkest Dream

December 6, 2010
By [Rock.Babe] SILVER, Hutch, Kansas
[Rock.Babe] SILVER, Hutch, Kansas
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He started off with only an image of her in his head. Seeing her in a long black dress with a slit coming up her leg as if someone was caressing her as they cut the dress and with her chocolate brown hair cascading down from her shoulders and her lips painted a bright red, emphasizing her beautifully sculpted lips. But as he sat there, the image turned into an image of him and her together, then turning into a movie inside of his head. Then the dream transforms and turns dark, he sees himself walking down an alley way with screams and pleas bouncing off the walls of the abandoned buildings. Feeling the terror of what he would see, he couldn’t stop walking, his legs just wouldn’t stop. His legs come to a complete halt when he finds himself in a big opening, there he sees her, but yet it’s not her at all. She's turned into a hideous monster, taking and torturing everything and everyone she sees.

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