The Last Echo

December 6, 2010
By BootScootinCountryboy SILVER, Middleburgh, New York
BootScootinCountryboy SILVER, Middleburgh, New York
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Cold, crisp air.
Jack Frost breathing down one's neck.
Sounds of foliage falling, leaving leaves stripped of life.
Restless ansimals trying to evade fate.
Reds, browns, and yellows blending together into warm colorful blankets.
Dawn awakes.

Now all is quiet,
Nothing seen,
All in hiding, except a young buck.
Skeptically it walks threatened from life.
Steam from its warm, wet nose dances and dissipates in autumn air.


A twig is broken, now alerts young deer.
Freezing for a moment, he presses on.
Hidden hunter reaches for the trigger,
Last brittle leaf falls.
Perfectly in time, trigger and leaf click.
With a flash of smoke and a loud bang,
the cycle has ended.
Silence echoes through the forest again.

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