Song of the Wolf

December 6, 2010
By BootScootinCountryboy SILVER, Middleburgh, New York
BootScootinCountryboy SILVER, Middleburgh, New York
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My beautiful blue eyes,
Shadows dancing across moonlit northern skies.
Alone or together we strive,
Symbol of our ancestors.
Blood rages throughout our veins,
Strength, courage, and devotion to the core,
A sign of mighty triumph.
Protectors of the ones we love,
A symbol of brother, friend, freedom.

I stand alone at the top of the hill.
Not certain, I let out a cry.
Echoes follow my howl,
I hurry back to the den,
My tracks covered with snow,
No one can trace my whereabouts.
I sit quietly yearning.
Temptation stirs, I gaze upon a hare.
But, I know a man creeps in the forest waiting to spill my blood.
Hungrily I deny the temptation.
Here, where I lie, is a life of confinement.
Our freedom has resulted in death.

Night falls.
Dawn Crests.
Stars disappear.
I make my way back to the granite hill and wait for my love, my companion, my mate.
Atop this hill, I howl my song.

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