The Monster's Stomach

December 6, 2010
By stephh BRONZE, Dix Hills, New York
stephh BRONZE, Dix Hills, New York
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We are all sitting on the chocolate colored leather couch, waiting for the sound of food to be put on the table. Finally we are called in and everyone gets up faster than the person next to him, wanting to be the first one in the room. As we make our way into the dining room we can smell the aroma of a delicious feast. The big and dark wooden table is the monster that holds all of the food. We sit around this brown monster and our eyes light up from the different colors. The creamy white mashed potatoes are like a giant cotton ball ready to be devoured, the warm brown turkey is stuffed to perfection with a little green parsley scattered on top, and the deep orange carrots are patiently waiting to be eaten in the golden china bowl; next to the perfectly fresh baked Italian bread is the ever famous ruby red cranberry sauce: which is a huge hit in the family. Underneath this wonderful creation is the gold and red swirly table cloth that shines in the candle light from the sconces above it. The smell of the vanilla candles mixed with the Thanksgiving food gives off a sense of warmth. As soon as the first person starts to stab their fork into the plump turkey, the meal has officially begun.
We laugh and smile as the joy of the food and family surround us. The noise of people chewing is whirling around in the air. You look over at the once juicy turkey and now there is nothing but scraps left. The mashed potatoes are down to the last little cotton ball and there is no sign of the carrots left. After the filling meal has concluded, the dessert now enters the monsters stomach. Once again our eyes glow with excitement and our mouths begin to slowly drip. The warm and gooey oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies fill the Thanksgiving themed plate, the crisp apple pie a la mode next to the cookies, and the delectable assortment of cheesecakes are in the center of the table. Even though we are all stuffed to our maximum point, the gravy stained hands reach for the sweet treats. We gobble them down as if it were out first and last cookie. After dinner has been completed, the once clean table cloth is now wrinkled and dirty; the once shiny silverware is now foggy with food, the once empty people are satisfied and the monster had come to a rest.

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