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December 6, 2010
the dream is a fog with a haze
she is misty and shadowy to me

she moves like the movement of night
and she moves undetected

she is like an owl who has spotted a mouse
she swoops down
the air flowing through her feathers
she reaches her claws
and catches the little rodent
before it knows what has happened

she flies high to a perch
and skims the dark gloomy landscape
she feast on her prize

she is like a shadow of yourself
but yet not the same

she is as deceiving as the face
of the reflected off of water

she is like a ripple in time
where you are not sure how
or why it had happened

she is like the darkest rose on the bush
with the thickest thorns
when you go down to hold her
she causes you pain and frustration

her sick and twisted thoughts
run through your mind

she is like the darkness of light
where you can not see
but when it hits
it hits hard

she is like the serpent in the grass
striking with lightning fast reflexes
only to strangle the life from you
as you slowly lose conscience

you are like a droplet
and she is a raging river
when you hit her
she consumes your life
she drags you away
to be lost forever?
she is like poison
she affects you
and you are not the same
you change and do crazy things for her
and at the same time
she is killing you

she is like a knife that cuts into to
and severs all your arteries
you sit there and stare
and you cry out
but no one can get to you in time
as you bleed your self
to your death

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