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December 6, 2010
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I'm to tired to listen to all of you complaining about being hired and fired the same day, i'm tired of drunk college students going between the same lane's but going the wrong way. Just to fed up to not spit out, alert izzy might scream or shout. Let the words flow like water and i'm the spout. I've climbed this whole gym your just a route, but you complain and this might make me go insane. All I ever posted poetry for was fame but now i'm stuck in an ever continuing mind game. I am sick of thirteen year olds smoking pot in the Top's parking lot, i'm tired of nerdy white boys afraid of going downtown because they might get shot. I'm tired of the chefs on chopped saying there foods too raw or too hot. My brains been taking to much crap for to long its overloaded, but you still can't figure my minds pass code its impossible to decode it. Its the big things in life that make you mad but its the millions of little things that make you depressed or sad. I'm tired of hearing the song the best I ever had, could all of the people in the world stop saying rad. I'm tired of seeing pervs walk in gentleman's clubs, i'm tired of MTV cribs could we make it worlds worst hubs? Just finally my mind has shut down, lets turn that frown upside down then smack you in the face to turn it back around. I will pummel this society into the ground, your not lost but still not found. Turn this world on its head, I'm too blue for this shirt to be red. Its time to get serious but I'm getting hallucinations that are making me delirious, I'm furious about to explode I would rather spend a thousand years of solitude watching this world erode. Umm wheres Asher? Uhh he just ate a geode. You could never predict what I'm about to do, watch out before I write a poem about you.

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Daisysmile101 said...
Jan. 19, 2012 at 11:49 am
i like what u wrote in the poem it shows what not only u but other people in the world are fed up with. i just love ur poem.
JSchwartz replied...
Jan. 30, 2012 at 7:54 pm
Thank you so much, it's good to know people are reading my stuff. Yeah I guess people say what's real when they mean it, I felt stressed and out came this.
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