December 2, 2010
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It seems like these days we are consumed with making everything complicated.
What happened to the days where we didn’t have to do the more difficult jobs, or take the more difficult classes to be considered smart and be looked up to?
These days it seems the more complex the harmonies, the better the song.
The more elaborate your dress the prettier it is.
And the more complicated your job is the more impressive you become.
These days we want an adrenaline rush. The faster we go the better.
What happened to the days where you took your time, and saw what was around you?
When was the last time we cared to?
When was the last time you did?
Why is it so important now to impress our peers?
Why is it so important to be the smartest?
Why is it so important to be number one?
Things come and go, and life happens.
But what happens when it comes to the end and we look back?
What will you say?
Could you say anything of value? Could you recall any details besides living to be the best?
Anything but living to impress?
Maybe its time we stop trying to win at everything.
Maybe its time we start living our life for us.
And stop living it against others.
It is time.

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