I miss my sister

December 2, 2010
By kristi18 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
kristi18 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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"....Half the words don't mean a thing, and i know that i won't be satisfyed"

Do I ever get a break? No
Do I ever ask for one? All the time
Do I ever get what I mean? Hell no
I miss her, but I don’t think that truly affects her
We were basically bound at the hip, but that simple partnership has just become unzipped
She is my sister, my best friend
Instead she moves in the my best friend
Is that what she wants?
Is that what she means?
We ask her to come home,
She having trouble all the time
She claims “no, I’m not ready”
Is that what she meant?
I cry, and break down
I just want her to come home
I don’t what to do
I don’t want to do anything
Will I get the break I want? No
Do I deserve it? Yes
Is this what I really wanted a break from, Hell NO

The author's comments:
My sister, was my best friend. She moved on harsh terms when I was not ready, neither was she, she is younger than me. I feel like in one way I failed her, in the same aspect, she has failed me. :(

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