daddy... i miss you

December 6, 2010
By Anonymous

Daddy i have something important to say
i really miss you all of the time
when we are on the phone all we ever say
is how our days were, and what we did
you work and i go to school lets cut that short
so we could talk about the stuff that we need to
anyways i just had to say
how much i miss you
all i wanna do is see you some more
and i wish you would call more often
you feel that we should call you even though
we feel that you never want to talk to us
so we don't bother
the thing is that i feel like
you don’t miss us anymore
and you don’t even want to talk to us
i just feel like i was abandoned by my father
i now that sounds like you left but in a way you did
because you said you would call every day
but when your calls came to every other day
and then came to weeks... leading to never
i felt like you were gone and i miss you so much

another way on how you left was how
you promised to come and visit for
birthdays and holidays
but you never came for my birthday yet even
though you came so quick for my brothers birthday
anyways i just wish that everything could be the same
like it used to be us all in our old house,
and us a family again
i know that might never happen again
but i just wanna see that again i miss that so much
and i miss you so much
i just wish that i knew that you still missed me to
and i wish that you could show it more if you do
i just really have to say i miss my daddy
the old daddy the one that would call to say
i love you, and goodnight, everyday
the one that keeps his promises of calling a little more often
i just miss my daddy

The author's comments:
i wrote this piece because i am sad almost everyday thinking about my father and missing him, wondering if he misses me

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