December 2, 2010
By emilyannxx BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
emilyannxx BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Your in an ice cold frozen lake
In the deep cold winter weather of Michigan
Fighting for survival
Theres no one around
Your screaming as loud as you can
So tense and cold
Your blood stream is moving so slow
You can feel it slow down more and more by the second
You can barley move anymore
You can see your breath as you breathe in and out carbon dioxide While you're splashing water Around trying to get out
Shaking so hard trying to think of A warm place so you wont freeze to death
But all you can think of is the freezing cold water againts your pale white skin
Its been minutes not and your body is starting to stop all that it was fighting for
You can't feel anything in your body now
You hear the last few thumps of your heart beat as you go deep deep down into the water

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