Ode to Movie Theaters

December 2, 2010
The aroma of the buttery popcorn
Pulls you in like a tractor-beam
Waiting in the concession stand
You decide what candy you want
The loose pack of Skittles
Feels like a million marbles
In the other hand you carry
An extra large soda
The carbonation is fizzing
Like an orchestra of buzzing bees
Now, you’re set for the movie
And head to the box office
You struggle to find the tickets
Searching pockets all around
At last, you hand the person
The most important part of all
Tickets to the movie
Like a key to a door
Walking into the theater
You lower your voice
From loud to quiet as if
You’re the volume on a TV
As you find the perfect seats,
The preview holds your attention
Suddenly, the lights begin to fade
Members of the audience quiet down
Your ears are rapidly filling
With the surround sound system
Finally, you can sit back,
Relax, and enjoy the movie

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