Not Just Another Holiday

December 1, 2010
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Music and laughter is heard back inside a room,
Where a tree is being laced with lights and colorful bulbs.
A small child just tall enough to reach the top,
Places a luminescent star just right.

In the kitchen where mother is found,
An enticing aroma of cookies and pies fills the surrounding air.
A tiny dog dances around eagerly awaiting some leftovers,
While a mouthwatering ham broils in the oven.

Bright lights can be seen approaching through the thick snow,
As a family-filled vehicle makes its way down the winding drive.
Quickly scurrying through the icy winds and into the arms of family,
Togetherness and warmth could be felt by all.

At last, when the sky darkens and stars come out of hiding,
Bedtime has arrived.
The children hardly containing themselves through their excitement,
Running into bed only to await the old grandfather clock’s striking of midnight.

A faint ho, ho, ho rings throughout the house,
As the plump Father Christmas makes his way to the tree.
Slipping a plethora of gifts wrapped in ribbons underneath,
He makes his escape without even a peep.

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