Only in Fairytales

December 1, 2010
By Samantha Lewis BRONZE, Florence, Colorado
Samantha Lewis BRONZE, Florence, Colorado
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My head hurts,

My stomach turns,

And all I want from you?

A bit of truth,

A promise too,

That’s all you have to do.

Save my life,

Take my hand,

I hope you understand,

My heart is yours,

And your's is mine,

And this is not the end.

I’m falling hard,

I’ll drag you down,

So you can fall hard too.

Fall out of touch,

And into love,

That’s all that’s left to do.

I need you, babe,

You need me too.

What more to see?

Well, can’t you see,

A future for you&me.

You’re everything I want,

I’m everything you need.

Your palm against my cheek,

The secrets that we keep.

This is me and you,baby,

And that’s all we’ll ever be.

I’ll tell you all my hopes,

You’ll tell me all your dreams.

I’ll be for you and you for me,

Isn’t that the way these things should be?

I found the one for me,

He is you, am I she?

So here’s my poem,

I wrote in time,

To the beating of my heart.

A hope,

A dream,

And one last wish,

Don’t tear my world apart.

The author's comments:
I discovered that I am falling so very, very hard for my boyfriend and I became afraid of losing him. So, I wrote this poem about what I hope happens in our relationship. That he falls just as hard and we live happily ever after; just like a fairytale.

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