December 11, 2010
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They suffer so much-- I see them cry,
The inward shrine, destroyed
The outward storm flew by:
Immolation was deployed
In a God-forsaken wonderland,
The human is now a droid.

Invasions surge, their vigor,keen,
As long as the night is dark
But here, adaption to the scene--
Necessity-- remains unseen!
Whatever weather, same routine
Our habits have made the mark

But why, one pleas, are we so disgraced
By our own incompetent ways?
That when we find ourselves displaced
We can't tear out of the maze.

I feel it closed, that inward eye;
The wisdom of sages passed,
Which grew them wings and let them fly
From labyrinth, far and fast!

So wake that inward eye from sleep
And fright not when it dwells;
And silence not if that eye would weep
Lest truth, from you, dispels

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