December 1, 2010
A finger down your throat to make yourself feel thinner, smoking some weed so your problems will simmer.
Hours piling on makeup and doing your hair, staying late. Getting drunk, cause you know life isn't fair.
Kicking and screaming cause from your parents you got abused, its the same feeling you get when you know you've been used.
A heart thats bruised and badly scratched, abused without both sides atattched.
If your atleast one of them things, believe me I've been there, I've had broken wings.
I promise you your not to blame, there's plenty people out there who are just the same.
If you want change, follow me today. If you don't want hurt, don't let it stay.
So let it all go, chain after chain. Darkness is harsh but its easy to tame.
Love who you are and embrace it with a smile. Happiness can be forever if you make it worth while.
Love whats on the inside, you must leave nothing cursed.
'Cause in order to love whats on the outside, you must love the inside first.

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