Flat Tire

December 1, 2010
By AVora SILVER, Bridgewater, New Jersey
AVora SILVER, Bridgewater, New Jersey
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Why is this world,
Such a world,
Where we win some battles,
And we lose some?
Why is it,
That in this world,
Despite our advances,
Much of what we do,
Is inevitable?
We have created bombs,
But we cannot reconstruct the damage caused.
We have killed animals,
For monetary gain,
And now,
The animals which supported this world,
Have disappeared.
And soon,
One day,
Everything will disappear.
The cycle of the world is broken,
The wheel is disturbed,
This tire is flat.
Yet people,
Do not realize,
As many problems may arrive,
Each problem has a solution.
If we strive,
For a better future,
Then our world,
Can live on.
Our world,
Would exist.
People do not search for these answers,
And our world,
But surely,
Is dying…

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