I long for fantasies

December 1, 2010
I long for fantasies
Hidden realms
Where no one but I have trod

Elegant creatures
On silent wings
flying through the night

Stars that burn
With inner fire
Magnificent and deadly

Planets full
Of beauty’s untold
Dwellings of hushed mysteries

Silent forests
Towering trees
Secret glens and hollows

Bubbling brooks
Pure waters
Whispers from the deep

Ocean’s broad
From shore to shore
Their vast fingers reach

Silver moonlight
Trickling down
Bathing the world in unearthly glows

Myriads of labyrinths beneath the earth
Twisting tunnels endlessly long
Reaching, reaching to the unknown

My dreams are fragments so easily broken
Clips and pieces are chaos, undecipherable
Only feelings remain making me wonder

Imagination constantly running every moment of every day
But shallow this is
Limited by what I have felt and seen

Moods I am in
Where glimpses I catch
Of things beyond my knowing

Satisfied sometimes by stories I read
Books brimming
With their own worlds

Satisfied sometimes by stories I create
Worlds, people, creatures, made by me
Limited only, by my own mind

Satisfied often
By books of knowledge
Physics and laws, secrets of the worlds

But sometimes
Nothings is enough
I long for what does not exist

To travel to distant stars
To touch a dragon
Talk with a wolf

To have fire flow from my fingers
Powers obey my command
Power beyond comprehension

Most of all to KNOW
To know everything, see everything

The mysteries of the fabric of space
Of stars, of elements, of atoms
The knowledge of universe mine

Who knows who can tell what awaits me?
Moods like this as fleeting as a fog
I’ll read this later and laugh

Yet erase it I will not
This mood will come again
Then flee again like the dawn

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