A Punk and A Loser

December 1, 2010
A punk,
A rebel,
A loner in disguise.
She won’t take your crap,
But she’ll always take your pain.

No one could ever break her,
In any shape or form.
No stupid comment or insult
Could ever touch her.
We thought she was invincible.

She smiled every day,
Though she cried inside,
But she was never afraid to show her weakness
When it became too much,
And she was beautiful.

A flame of independence
And a light for the minority,
She was hope for the underground.
She was angry and rebellious,
And she was loved by many.

A loser,
An outcast,
A victim.
He was alone,
But never did he mind.

Charming looks
And a mysterious aura,
Ragged clothes
And dirt poor,
No one dared approach him.

He was deep,
He was emotional.
Abused by family,
And left behind by friends.
He was full of anger.

But gentle was he,
Always willing to listen,
Willing to help.
They left him behind,
Yet beautiful was he.

A magic day,
A music filled club,
A dirty bar.
Two messed up people,
With nothing better to do.

Both angry,
And in need of love.
They say opposites attract,
And so they did.
They found the meaning of love.

She was a rebel and loud,
He was angry and quiet.
She loved his writing,
He loved her music.
A new flame appeared.

Ran away from town,
Lived in a car,
Never knew where there would be food,
Traveled from town-to-town,
But they didn’t mind.

Deep in love,
Fallen hard.
They had each other,
They knew nothing else.

He broke through her shield,
She gave him hope
And so as they say…
Happily ever after.

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