My Journey

December 1, 2010
By Anonymous

I like hearing people giving me praise
The struggle, hard times, and the story on how I was raise
Write about where I come from and what I want to become
Born around a common place or misery and hate
For the ones who can't relate let me translate
Things were uneasy
The days were hot and it wasn't breezy
Letting it show no concern, live and let learn, if you don't then you just letting it burn
People make it out of the place of no return
Here's my story where do I begin...
Should I describe all the places I've been?
Going to get real emotional play that violin haha
My life is not like any other
F***, I didn't have a father or mother
My foster parents every time I went bad popped pills it was one after another
To get rid of all the pain but man to be honest I thought I was going insane
Maybe you all still don't understand...
I have no feeling
I'm all alone looking up at my bedroom celing
God why you took my childhood? Ain't that stealing?
Man it sucks and it's hard for me to unwind
Just tell me why did you make me lose my mind
I was blind as a kid looking for something that was impossible to find
My heart got hurt and it ache
The past made me who I am today but why all the mistake?
It's over now but why can't I sleep at night I'm always wide awake
Dreaming in space
Thinking memories can't be earsed
Wrong place at the wrong time what was I thinking in the first place
Living my life with the support of playing a sport
If I do anything bad then just take me to court
Not the one with the net and ball
Above all, I know what it's like to live my back against the wall
I'm doing real good right now people waiting for me to fall
In case you didn't know this is my life don't care if i dissapoint
I could care less!(exclamation-point)
I got enough stress
Words help me express and help me clear out this mess
I'm bless and I know I'm making good progress
Praying one day I will get success because I know I'm blessed
But right now kids go out and have fun it's time for recess!(haha)
I got too many feelings bottled up inside
I can't no longer keep it in all the times I cried
Both eyes open wide eyed, it's funny but I love the way you lied
Left my life on my own and I had to learn fast on how to decide
It might sound crazy but I'm addicted to the pain and drama but I wished my parents died Instead of having put the decisions in my hands at a young age saying who do you to decide?
If you don't understand me from all this or that my life is just too hard to comprehend
A life that I sit and think and wouldn't want you to recommend
All the rap hours I spend, Losing a real close best friend, again and again, work real hard for the future fast forward and send. Thank you God....Amen.....the end

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