Make A Prayer

December 1, 2010
By SmirkJN94 BRONZE, Allentown Pa, Pennsylvania
SmirkJN94 BRONZE, Allentown Pa, Pennsylvania
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For the kids in this world who days are just not getting anywhere
And right now there living in our own worst nightmares
Gods there and he cares
What you want
I want to live life without regret
I’m thankful that we can live and just forget
Trying everyday to give it my best
Hoping one day I could start a family and not get arrested
Be rich and find a treasure chest
Man wouldn’t that be the best...
What you’ve lost
I lost the feeling of being sad
My life living without my dad
It doesn’t make me mad
Its just make me want...
What you had
When life is easy
Everything breezy
You don’t have to juggle
The struggles of life
What has gone is over
Don’t we all wish we were lucky and had a four leaf clover
Riding around in a range rover
The fights on debating on whose right
Stupid fights that don’t make sense in the light
What was said is done
I’m just sitting here thinking back in the midnight sun
Excuse me I’m going on a long run.
Finish each day and be done with it
If your pissed then take a seat and just sit
If your hurt get the first aid kit
But man I’m telling you, that life is what you make of it
You don’t need to know everything in life,
Just the things you need to be happy
Stop complaining yea some days can be crappy
Follow your heart
Even at times it feels like everything falling apart
Isn’t it funny how day-by-day nothing really changes
But then when you look back everything is different
Everything happens for a reason
Enjoy the changes in every season
The hardest part of life is trying to figure out what the reason really is.

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