Choices and Stress

December 1, 2010
By Anonymous

They say good things come to those who wait
I’ve been waiting for 14 years and now it’s a little too late
Now I’m older my thoughts of you got erased
Sorry don’t mean much my childhood can’t be replaced
Enough about me lets talk about choices and the stress
This rap is about remembering felling depressed I love rapping it helps get this topic off my chest working long hours to be the best and all the supporters I impressed
Rev Henry Burton said, 'Twas not given for thee alone, Pass it on; Let it travel down the years, Let it wipe another's tears, 'Till in Heaven the deed appears-- Pass it on.
What he’s saying is pass on caring and showing affection and help others
Definition say Choice is the act of choosing; selection
But there are just some things the Rev forgot to mention there is no protection
You got two friends asking for directions
No time to sit back and make a choice just standing and looking at your reflection
I know a lot of people wanting to die and just praying for their resurrection
Like the definition you got to make a quick choice but which friend do you select
Alright listen this is where you got to pay real close attention
I got this friend name “Kindness” who every night she cried and she stared to think would life be important if she suddenly died
And your listening thinking you got nothing to provide whenever there was a problem you always put others feelings first you were always there by their side
Now at this point in life you to get ready who to decide
You’re thinking in the back of your head that one time you lied
And this chapter of your life is where you got two friends who are going to collide
The other friend of mine named “Caring” and he was always daring but one day he talked to me and just started sharing Yo Johnson and this kid kept on swearing, my life is falling apart everything I had is started to break and is going to need repairing.
And I found myself sitting there giving advice and just comparing
His life to mine which was fine I didn’t really mind making a choice is tough to define
But my message in the rap is nothing is as it appears
We all act a different way when you’re around our peers
And deep down we all had fears, angers, and tears that built up through the years
You’re listening to everyone’s problem that their going through in life with both ears
But it’s like you forgot about the life of your own
Had to make a choice knowing the rights and the wrongs but you knew you were going to be alone
You got choices in life you can groan and moan or you act like your grown your living life on your own.
When your ready say sorry for the ones that hurt you the most and stay away from that drama and hang out with the people that you’re close
If I could take your troubles I would toss them in the Sea, but all these things I’m finding
Your life is different from you to me I didn’t know my parents, lost a lot of my friends, and did meds I wasn’t in my state of mind I always just worked hard and stayed on the grind. Thinking now I use rhymes instead of getting into crimes
A million words couldn’t bring you back I known because I’ve tried.
Neither could a million tears I known because I’ve cried.
Now the topic is how choices and stress can make us all blind
Stress is all in the mind it’s mentally or emotionally disruptive or upsetting condition occurring in response to adverse external influences and capable of affecting physical health, usually characterized by increased heart rate, a rise in blood pressure, muscular tension, irritability, and depression.
Be careful now when you fall in love because this is where stress will start
This is the point of your life where you got to trust your own heart
Here is a story (clear my throat)
Once upon a time, something happened to me,
It was the sweetest thing that could ever be,
A fantasy, a dream come true,
It was the day I met you.
If you read my last rap love these two kids didn’t really know what to do with this thing they found as love.
But their choices can make us think how to we handle the stress?
How do we strive to be the best?
Let me just tell you your choices you make in life aren’t going to end
Your true friends will stick with you for better or worst till the end
Be smart and never make the same mistake ever again.
Looking back yea I’m sorry for everything I done
This is an apology from me Johnson
Hard to think of the times where sorry begun
I’m sorry but the choices & stress I made me learned from the mistakes of each and every one
But mistakes and heartbreaks are like who lost and who won
Sad and Exciting and that’s life let me just sit and give advice for a while
When life seems hostile
And you’re tired of stress and choices it’s like running 8 miles
You can look back when you’re older and just think of all the smiles
Be strong and say you’re not going to hurt me again
I’m a new person from now to then
You said you were sorry now move on and make new friends
My view on life is forget the people who are never going to change or bring you down
I’m writing raps sitting in my lawn looking around
Some day when I’m famous I will become the talk of this town
And my past was the past no need to frown
This is my life living in a place called Allentown
Dealing with….yes the stress don’t listen to all the voices and the end of the day let’s just make our own smarter choices

The author's comments:
I wrote it because I have to make serious and life altering choices in my life. Some choices I make brings stress but yea the rap describes how I feel about it and what I went through to help others.

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