Heart Breaker

November 28, 2010
By rachelchace DIAMOND, Stratford, Connecticut
rachelchace DIAMOND, Stratford, Connecticut
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his words act as bullets

that shoot through your veins

they penetrate your body

and bring on the pain

the tears hold back

for seconds until

they pour down your face

your eyes cannot endure

the tension

your head pounds

and you can't make youself believe

that just



he was holding your hand.

he pulled the trigger

ripped the stitches from your heart.

unsealed the cracks inside your smile.

he unhealed everything

he ever made.

you stand inches away

right by his side

but somehow

there's a distance between you.

to someone who held you so close

someone you thought you knew so well

now you feel miles away

when you stand right by his side.

he's not by your side

you can't feel his pain

he has none

how can he be happy?

when he just inflicted so much pain

at the peak

of the corners

of his lips

comes a smile.

it stings me like

a thousand jelly fish

just attacked my heart.

it's not just a broken heart

when it hurts your whole body.

i can feel it from my head

down to my toes.

i can feel it in my eyes,

they're heavy and weak.

it fills my brain with confusion

i can no longer think

my mind is so bleak.

my teeth bite down on my lips

i can't control it.

the blood pinches my veins

my inside it scratches my skin.

my heart


like the fire

in his eyes.

it makes my whole body

feel shamed.

the words repeat

over and over inside my mind,

it's not you

it's me.

yeah exactly,

it's not me who was happy

it was you.

it's not you who is crying

your right.

now it's me.

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