Look At Me

November 28, 2010
By rachelchace DIAMOND, Stratford, Connecticut
rachelchace DIAMOND, Stratford, Connecticut
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"If everyone were perfect, Individuality would be extinct." -Rachel Chace (me)

Look at me

beyond these eyes.

there are no lies

because the truth is within'

in the process of my viewing

these eyes tell me

everything i know

at just one glance.

there's a screen before our eyes

it filters through everything we see

if only you knew me

you wouldn't call me that girl

i'd never hear

she's not even pretty or

who is she?

i heard she...

she seems like a....

well i don;t know her but

i don't like her.

my name isn' her or she.

learn it

and then talk to me

but if you wanna talk about me

then i could care less what you call me

because your just as worthless

as the words you speak.

when you look at me ;

who do you see?

are you looking att a girl who's never been in love

or does her broken heart pump through her skin?

can you see it aching from within?

can you get through to her, or does she just lock her self in?

do you see a gorgeous girl

her personality bambastic and inspring?

or is she quiet, shy, with an obvious lack of confidence?

look in my eyes

can you see me from the inside?

i feel like i'm on the outside looking in

and i'm far too blind to see what's within.

when you look in these eyes

can you feel the pain i've once felt?

can you see the things i have seen,

can you even come close to an understanding

that everything's not as it seems?

look at me;

erase your labels

don't point a finger

and get to know

the girl inside this skin.

you can tell her that shes pretty

but you can tell her she's anything

so in my bleak opinion

i won't believe a thing.

i'm not looking for your compensation

you can sell me out and i'll still be waiting

take a look at me clearly now

and promise me there's nothing more

can you see beyond these eyes

can you see my heart's not in its proper place

it's not hidden and away

look at me, my heart is wearing thin

did you know that from the start of this

can you see it hanging by a thread

with stitches covering it's every inch?

can you see it falling over and over again

and leaving me to pick it back up in the end?

just let it fall

hit the pavement and sparkle in the moon lite night

as the twilight kisses it sweetly

just before it's pushed descretely

falling through the cracks

the only thing this fragile heart knows

is how easily it cracks...

should she fix it once more,

and reel it back in

lock it away

and that's where it will stay?

well if you only knew me

just by a glance

you'd know the answer

to each and every question.

can you see my past when you look at me?

do you wonder to yourself, who's this girl staring righht back at me?

now look in the mirror,

i wonder the same thing..

so don't just look at me..

i'm more that who you see

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