Emotions Aren't Sins

November 28, 2010
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You will always remeber who you love or have loved. For, even though some you have lost, and some you have kept, that lost one will be tucked away in a special corner. The corner that made you, you and them, them.

We have known each other for so long now, it feels like forever
But lately, you treat me, like just another unwanted feather
You pluck me out, and merely throw me to the ground
You leave me there, never to be loved or found
I cry these nights, in bed, alone and hurt
Because I am too scared to show you how you left me in the dirt
But, you also treat me like your own piece of candy, irresistible and sweet
And you say,“ I will always be there, at the crossroads, where we will meet.”
And yet I cant tell or show you the joy it brings
How my heart leaps and runs and sings
You give me so many emotions, and I can’t show them
I am scared of being judged, of you not loving me and you ripping my flower off my stem
You tell me how you don’t want me to feel afraid of anything
And I said that I’m sorry, that I am scared of something
I tell you that I am scared of my emotions coming through
You just look at me and smile, a truly perfect view
Now, what you say next, is truly lovely
What you say is truly perfect
You say to me,“ Showing your emotions always wins,”
And I learn, that emotions aren’t sins.

The author's comments:
I hope that from this article, you will learn that even though sometimes, some people seem one way, or act one way, it doesn't show what they really feel. That sometimes in life, people will act like that didn't hurt or that what you just said didn't affect them, but most of the time, that person retaliating, means that you have hit a nerve and they only say what they said to you to make you feel as if that, in way did that affect them.

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