November 28, 2010
By Anonymous

I’m sorry mommy for the tears that you cry,
But I couldn’t let one more day go by,
With the worries that I may die,
It was too much pain to endure,
So I ran with the money I used to store,
I think about you more and more,
And about what you didn’t know,
The bruises that I never will show,
I know you love him but he was my greatest foe,
When you weren’t here,
He was my greatest fear,
Especially when he had too much beer,
He would hit me and yell,
Make me promise I wouldn’t tell,
That he knew how to use a gun quite well,
I was afraid and couldn’t take any more,
So I crawled through the crack in the door,
Feeling still a little sore,
How could he does this to his daughter,
Treating me like I was noughter,
Just a filthy slaughter,
He said that he would never care,
That it was better when I hadn’t been there,
And my heart began to tear,
I wished for a way out,
This is what I prayed to God about,
And he gave me a way without a doubt,
I know you really miss me,
It’s your face I’m longing to see,
But I can’t come back and still be free…

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About child- abuse

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