Ocean Tide

November 28, 2010
By Anonymous

The Ocean Tide
Swipes me up
I can't breath, I gasp for air
Is anyone there? Can anyone hear me scream?
I can't feel, I'm numb

The Ocean Tide
All of a sudden it comes to a stop
I am free! I start to breath
I can feel the pain starts to lift away
I am happy

The Ocean Tide
Turns and a storm starts to brew
It starts to pull me under theres nothing I ccan do...
I start to smell the water and I start to breath it in
I choke as it enters I know its the end

The Ocean Tide
Sucks me in
The water flows over me, I started to lose control
I cant feel anything, I cant breath at all
I start to see a light, It calls to me, I slowly walk towards it
I know it will set me free

The Ocean Tide
The water is gone along with the pain
I fall to my knees and I try to breath
It doesn't hurt, I breath in a nice clean smell
I look around, it is all white, I wander were I am
I am in a place were I cant be harmed

The author's comments:
After going threw a deep depression not many people knew about I wrote this and this sparked my nag for writing. It's not very good but I'm just starting basicly.

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