You Pull Me In and Break Me Down

November 28, 2010
By Jossie BRONZE, Prospect, Kentucky
Jossie BRONZE, Prospect, Kentucky
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Everything happens for a reason

Your eyes shine
Like the moon shines bright
Your gleaming smile
Is as beautiful as
The sun set night

Your arms hold me
Like gravity holds the moon close
Your heart beats
As strong and hard
As the ocean waves do

Your personality divided
As day is to night
Your emotions showing
Strong and bright

Your grasp on me
Will last an eternity
But your misleading words
Make it hard
To hold your heart

You pull me in
With the strength
Of your love
But you push me down
With the jealousy
Of your heart

You say goodbye
Its over
Vie lost you
You break me down
Until there’s nothing left

I’ve made you cry
Break you down and die
But even with my mistakes
I will always love you

I’ve jumped from the plane
But you’re not my reserve
You’re the air around me
Guiding me with words

You pick me up
And drop me again
As strong and scary
As bursts in the wind

But it always settles
As we hit the ground
We come back together
All safe and sound

No matter how bad we fight
Or how much we cry
No matter how hard we push
Or how hard we try

We can never be split
We can never deny
The bright burning flame
That lights the inside

We burn as one
In an everlasting fire
We give off heat
With love and desire
Our light blares so bright
And cannot fade out

When you think its dead
It will return stronger than ever
With bursts of emotion
And flares of light

We are combine into one
As fire is to light
Without the other
We cannot exist

We die out fade into blackness
We light up with love
But without the other
There’s no reason to live

I love you to death
That will never change

We will always be together
No matter what we say

You cant loose me
No matter how had you try

I love you
And that’s no lie

The author's comments:
Me and my boyfriend had just separated but we both didn't like it. His mom forced us to break up. I gave him this poem to show him no matter what I'm there.

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