My Secrets are Not Yours to Tell

December 6, 2010
why does this person know the contents of my note?
why did you let him read what i wrote?
he doesn’t need to know how i think of him, or how i feel of you,
that is my business, those are my words, they are yours to keep
but not yours to give away
they are not yours, to tell what i say,
is it because you hate me for how i am?
is our friendship just a scam
do you truly care about me?
tell me the truth, don’t you dare lie,
i need to know, tell me why,
why I've heard what I've heard,
tell me was you that told him the words that i wrote?
please tell me the truth and that it is a no.
i couldn't bear to hear you say yes,
that you hate me like I'm nothing more than a mess
am i not a friend to you?
does my depression not make you blue?
what am i? am i just here to die?
my words are only for your ears,
don’t tell anyone, it pushes me to tears
please promise we are what we were,
not enemies but friends,
best friends

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