The Monster Inside Him

December 7, 2010
By Breee GOLD, Salina, Kansas
Breee GOLD, Salina, Kansas
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"If you really love someone, you shouldnt have to work at it."
-Vanessa Hudgens

He was looking at her,
showing his soft side.
His loving touch caressing every corner it could,
his soft whispers of promises to be kept.
And when she giggled at what he had said, he thought for sure she was hooked.
He whispered more to get to her own promise, but these promises would be kept.

Face burning with anger,
He inflicted words of pain.
She showed signs of weakness,
hot tears kissed her cheeks, soothing words of determination rocked back and forth in her head.
And after he asked her one more time...

She yelped like a helpless dog, fell to the floor, swimming in puddles too deep for her to get out of.
Realizing her pain, he dropped to his knees.
The monster inside him now gone.

The author's comments:
Being in an abusive relationship before, gave me this idea.
It explains the way a girl is too vulnerable to get out of a relationship thought was absolutely perfect.

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