They are lost

December 7, 2010
By vitzy BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
vitzy BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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She is lost in prayer.
Hoping to find an answer,
For she doesn’t understand why her daughter acts that way.
Why is it that she hurts herself?
What can she do to help?
It hurts her to know her daughter is destroying herself.
Yet she isn’t strong enough to ask her daughter for an explanation.
While all the daughter wants is affection and guidance.
The daughter feels lost and completely alone.
In an attempt to stop the pain she cuts her wrists.
The pain doesn’t diminish,
It just gets worse.
Every night she cries herself to sleep wondering if tomorrow the pain will be gone.
Hoping that tomorrow she will not feel lonely for once.
And will finally feel loved.
For she knows this is what must occur for the pain to stop.
Both the mother and the daughter love each other dearly
One day the mother will find herself without a daughter and will forever wonder were she went wrong.

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