Too Late To Say I Am Sorry

December 7, 2010
By herbanpoet SILVER, Scottsdale, Arizona
herbanpoet SILVER, Scottsdale, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
Your only given a little spark of madness, you musn't lose it

Hold me tight
Hold me close
Do I have a pulse
Help me with my convulsion
This is my revolution from my old self
But I need help
Mommy can you be that one
I know you love me because I am your son
These illusions of happiness with them I am done
I had my fun
It was too much
I love you so much
You were there when I needed you most
Pride and self esteem now only ghosts
Let us toast to those who have unconditional love for us
who care for us
share with us
will be with us for ever
I am so happy that we are together
Words cannot describe my feelings for you
I am full of guilt
I am sorry for this wall I have built around me
I have been hurt to much in the past I need my protection
But hopefully now is a new section of my life
Without strife
I remember when you use to sing me good night
How can I ever repay you mommy
Just tell me
I cherish that you felt for me
I love you so so much
But that is not enough
I feel like crying right now but my dad is with me in the kitchen
I can't let him see me cry
Big boys don't cry
I am strong
Ha that is just an illusion
Head filled with confusion
Cut the wire diffuse the situation
I can't deal with this guilt this feeling of mistrust and deception
Please turn out the light so I can go to sleep
Please flip the switch as if turning off my fears and sadness
These thoughts have driven me into madness
get out of my head
I am scared to go to bed because of the nightmares
to which no one i share
I do not dare
Even to the ones that care
I know you will always be there

The author's comments:
I cannot express how i feel about my mom. Every time I think about the things she has done for me i get tears in my eyes. I want to stop thinking about this. I can't go on talking about this. I just can't

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