Tree Of Life

December 7, 2010
By Rachel Kelley BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
Rachel Kelley BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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Reaching out, with arms stretched wide
Aged, skin peeled back, rolled up-
Slowly showing off a new layer of skin.
Green colors sprout up from the tree’s top
With the left side fading to red.
On the trunk, there’s one single leaf
All by itself, because it was leaf’d alone.
At that tree,
I made my first true friend.
Walking alone, spacing out at the tree.
I did this, and so did she.
We collided
And fell to the ground.
She laughed, I laughed.
Then we started talking
About everything and anything
Right in front of that tree.
There was no doubt about it
That we were going to be best friends.

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