December 7, 2010
By netjamie GOLD, Portland, Oregon
netjamie GOLD, Portland, Oregon
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love is giving some one the ability to break ur heart but trusting them not to

I’ve been a vicious victim of a traumatized family, and ever since I open my big brown eye to this crazy world people been hating me.
I’m just a young energetic lady.
I didn’t this cruel world to take such unwanted pity on me.
I didn’t do any hatred act or thought any hatred on any of these ungrateful human beings.
But I guess this is what I get for being me.
You tell me not to cry
You tell me to wipe my eyes
You tell me to stay strong…
Then you tell me that I’m wrong!
You told me again and again that I’m not going to make it.
Is funny how you think I’m going to let your undivided attention brake me down! I’ma keep standing strong cause my feet are glued to this ground! I’m not going to fall, not for you not for anybody I’m going to make even if it kills me, At less I will get to watch you suffer in seeing me succeed!

The author's comments:
no matter how perfect you try to be, there is always some one who is going to look down upon on you, you just got to look past them.

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