Ever Loved

December 7, 2010
By callmeIN GOLD, Atlanta, Indiana
callmeIN GOLD, Atlanta, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
‘Maybe Richard will find another way. Just tell him, Alice. Tell him that his own Confessor never stopped loving him. And that if he can’t undo the magic, if he can’t return to her then, she’ll be waiting for him, in the Underworld. Forever.’
-Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell,
Legend of the Seeker

Say! Did you say
That I am not famed
As I know that I am
As I have been told?

Say! Did you say
That I am not feared
As I have been told
As I know that I am?

Wait! Did you say
That you do not love
Anything good
Or anything kind?

Well! I must say
In return to you, boy
That you must be dumb,
Too stupid to care.

For none are as I,
Lovely and fair.
None hast ever been
As lonely and feared.

Few are as I,
Just like to the dawn,
As a diminished elf-queen
Who be lovely and clear.

Say! Did you say
That I have been wronged?
Why, thank you, my friend
You shall ever be loved.

The author's comments:
Yet another bit of nonsense. I'm not much good with true poetry or writing, it seems like. I don't even much understand how I came up with this one. It is not derived from true life, only a bit of nonsense, though I'm sure it is true for someone.

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