Two-Faced Lover

December 7, 2010
Wings beat in the night
Whispers heard in the dark
Shadows seen in the light
Calling out, scratches on the bark
Watching, waiting out of sight
Determined to win this one now
Caught still in magnificent flight
Ready to fight, all for the crown
Sweet to the very end
Sugar-coated like the rest
Love that will never bend
Even when put up to the test
You’re dark to perfection
Silhouette paused in time
Slipping through all detection
When the light goes on in my mind
I have loved you since we’ve met
You surprised me to say the least
Your energy like a jet
Some consider you a beast
Intensions way too wild
Your skin so soft that you’re a mark
Unable to put it mild
My Angel of the Dark
Trying not to lose it all
Holding on with all your might
Doing everything to stay strong
My dear Angel of the Light

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