Once upon a time

December 6, 2010
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Once upon a time a witch
who lived in a town called Daisy Rich
was wandering in her garden
butterfly, caterpillar and a hen
were all shrieking out in fear
and her long nails o dear!
were painted black like a dark night
She was warbling out in all her might
Hells and Heavens shall know my spell
That I hereby cast upon little Tinkerbell
May her lovely wings melt
like snow
Until the curse is broken shall never grow
and her lust and charm may die
so that she never flies in the sky
Having said this she twitched har wand
and with heaven and hell she made this bond

Everyday with the first ray of sunlight
Tinkerbell's light shone bright
but alas! today when she flapped her wings
she instead wrapped her arms around her things
griefstricken she started crying loudly
and Peter pan came for her rescue proudly

Poor little creature don't you cry
to get your wings back I will try
He broke the wand and cast a spell
and to a great surprise of Tinkerbell
the spell reversed and the witch died
on her death not a single eye cried
and her entire body had burnt
thus an important lesson we learnt
follow this with soul, mind and heart
Merry you meet and merry you part.

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