Do Us Both a Favor and Leave

December 6, 2010
By georgiab PLATINUM, Whitman, Massachusetts
georgiab PLATINUM, Whitman, Massachusetts
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I threw myself down for you to cross,
Now inside I am breaking
Desperately for you.
I’m not made of stones,
I’m flesh and I’m bones,
And I too have a heart.
If you did love me,
Then maybe you’d see,
How slowly you tear me apart.
I can’t remember how long it’s been,
Since the day I saw that this would end.
My backbone slowly breaks in half.
My spine is what you used to love about me.
Now you’re so in love with what you see.
To you I look so strong,
Young and naïve with the key to the world,
Can’t you see that you are wrong?
I’m just looking for the perfect one to crumble along side me.
there you stand without a crack,
you're just too good at breaking me,
Do us both a favor and leave.
You couldn’t handle the bottom,
You couldn’t handle me.

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