All i could hope for

December 19, 2010
By Marlssy BRONZE, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
Marlssy BRONZE, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
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His hands, stoke mine
Our thumbs touch our fingers gliding over creases In our skin
The warm, sweet burst
Just helping me through those hard times

All I can hope for is that you’ll never let go
And as you bring me closer
You kiss my hand
Leading me, us through life

I stand there, gazing into those tender eyes
They show me your control
I know they aren’t just glimpsing
I know, for a fact their making sure they take in
Every essence of the mood
Every particle of US together

When I lay on your chest I savor the moment
We soar through all the lights
We’ll hold hands together,
Our stories are intertwined
I’ll never for get how you wrapped your heart around mine

All I can hope for is that you’ll never loosen your grip on my hand
And as you bring me closer
Your lips, they kiss my hand
Reminding me of the undying love we share
As you put your fingers around my waist
I only feel the belonging

Always telling me the way my eyes shine
They only look for you, barely noticing everyone else
The faces just blend together
Theres something abut that face I just can’t
Quite stop thinking about

When your lips meet mine, they reassure my
Ability to breathe
Breathe in you scent, your wonderful smell

I stress that I'll forget what i have
But with my head on your shoulder
I can’t imagine that happening
The time you tell me its time to go
That we have to shift our weight
And get back to reality

If I only had a camera to just take pictures of you and me
Your smile
Eyes and hands, your shoulders complete it all
When you hold me tight
Its one of those things you can’t forget
Let alone recreate without the same person

All i can hope for is that you’ll never let go
And as you bring me closer
I kiss your cheek and we unwillingly go separate ways

The author's comments:
this wasn't about a specific boy. im not going with anyone now.

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