Chasing What Doesn't Want To Leave

December 5, 2010
By TheKountess GOLD, Scenery Hill, Pennsylvania
TheKountess GOLD, Scenery Hill, Pennsylvania
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I’m giving up; this has just gone on too long,
When I’m constantly hurting it’s hard to stay strong,
I’ve fallen in love far too deeply and for such a long time.
Yes, every second I’ve spent alone with you was nothing but sublime,
But I can’t spend my whole life just hoping you’ll change your mind,
I refuse to continue following your shadow as you walk ahead of me blind.
You are blind to my love even as I die for you,
I’ve been mentally killing myself and this can’t continue.
You keep going for all the wrong ones, while I’ve been standing right here,
How do you not feel me when I stand so near?
I hate that I love you and you could care less,
I can’t stand not being able to sleep at night and beginning to obsess,
Picking apart your every word, it seems like every syllable is replayed,
And every time you walk by me without saying a word I feel so betrayed.
I’ve tried so hard to win you, now I’m out of ideas, my mind’s in a freeze,
I’m just praying you soon hear my last silent pleas,
This is it – not goodbye – the end of the burning in my heart.
Soon I hope to be around you without dreading when we part,
It’s just a walk away and I’m going to move on,
You’ll have to chase after me if you so badly want a shoulder to cry upon.

The author's comments:
I have to think that the poem says everything that I'm unable to say aloud. Also I feel that it not only applies to my situation but so many others can relate as well.

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