The Mighty Dragon

December 5, 2010
By hanle BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
hanle BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
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No one dares
To defeat the Dragon
The beast was created from Injustice,
Abuse, and Racism.
Therefore, those who dare
Are destroyed,
by the POWER of the mighty Dragon.
From the Stone Ages to
the end of the Future,
the Dragon will never perish,
For the mighty Dragon is
Unbeatable against Mankind.

The author's comments:
I've always wondered why mankind can be so cruel, such as the Holocaust or the genocide that took place in Rwanda. I realized that all of mankind is taken down by greed, abuse, cruelty, and many other things. Not a man on this earth is immune to those things, and that's what inspired me to write about this "Mighty Beast". It was a metaphor for all the things bad in the world.

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