Cheater. Cheater.

December 5, 2010
I followed you one night.

You didn’t have a clue that I was right there, retracing your steps.

I followed at a safe distance, and saw you go into that hotel room.

You broke my heart the minute you stepped through that doorway.

I knew what was going on.

All the late night phone calls.

All the emails and text messages.

All the times you had to “stay late” at work.

You should know that I read every single one of those text messages from her.

I read every email.

I called work when you had to stay late.

You must think I am so stupid.

You must think that I hadn’t a clue what you were doing to me.

You ruined me.

I called her husband.

I told him what you two were doing.

You didn’t know she had a family?

A husband and two children?

You broke their family apart.

Yet the b**** keeps coming back to you.

I stood outside of that hotel room.

Room 204 as I do recall.

I heard every noise and word said.

The one thing that cut me deep was when you said those 3 faithful words to her.

“I Love You”

What about me?

Do you still Love me?

Do you know how much you hurt me?

Why did you do it?

Why her?

Why did you choose her… over me?

What did I do wrong?

I am stupid.

I am stupid for letting this go on.

For watching you throw my life away.

For staying with you.

For ever being with you to begin with.

I hope you have a happy life with her.

I hope You both burn in Hell.

I hope her family heals.

I hope her husband leaves her.

I hope her children live happily.

I hope it was all worth it to you.

I hope I can move on.

I hope everything will be okay.

I hope I can get through life.

I hope you know that I Loved you.

I hope you know I am never coming back.

I hope you never find me.

I hope you know that you ruined my life.

By the time you read this, I will be long gone and never to return.

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