Hurricane Season

December 8, 2010
By ToriMcCool BRONZE, Newcastle, California
ToriMcCool BRONZE, Newcastle, California
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The silver moon was hidden by the clouds.
Just like my happiness.
The rain drops came pouring down
Just like the salty tears that caressed my cheeks
The distant thunder roared,
Just like my emotions.
The lightning broke
Just like my wounded heart
The hurricane was in tumult
Just like my life.

But slowly, the clouds broke
Even as my sorrow
The rain ceased pouring
Even as my tears
The thunder subsided,
Even as my emotions
The lightning left
Leaving me with a healing heart
The storm was placid
Even as my life anew

"What was the point?"
My very soul cried,
"Why the pain?
What the rage
Felt so deep inside?"
A voice whispered,
"Look around."
So I did
And what more did I see
Than a summer rose blooming,
The grass turning green.
And a rabbit
Drinking of a brook revived.

Perhaps the storm isn't so bad
When you're on the outside looking back.
Without it, where is the beauty
That my heart would lack
He knows all
The Maker of the storm
He has a reason
For taking us through
Hurricane Season

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