Anger Senses

December 5, 2010
By , Fairbanks, AK
My Anger Memories

My Anger
Anger bubbles away at me
Makes a hole inside me
My heart is empty
Making me burn away
Anger destroys me, hell bent on revenge
It comes with great force, too tempting to reside
I would love to dish out my own justice, but I can’t
Anger bubbles sway,
Like the swishing of water.

Anger Looks Like
Anger is the pitch black midnight sky,
Anger is a thunderstorm brewing into form,
A child pushed off his swing, angry for ruining his fun
Anger lures you into its grasp.
It holds you with a grip like iron.
Anger turns friends into enemies.
Anger is pitching black like the midnight sky.
Anger clouds my mind in darkness.
Like the darkness of my room at night.

Anger Sounds Like
Anger is a fist smashing into a wall,
The crack of a bone shattering,
A raging wildfire consuming, devouring, and destroying
The echoes of curses being shouted somewhere near
An oil spill spreading far and wide
Anger is a fist smashing into a wall
Anger is fueled by me
Anger Does Not Pay
Anger is a red danger,
But a familiar stranger
So it came as no surprise,
At the times I have paid the price.
More than usual, sometimes twice, before becoming wise
Anger is unreasonable
Anger is invincible
Anger is uncontrollable
Anger Smells Like
Anger smells of burnt toast, or the odor of a dirty shoe,
Anger smells of rotten fish, never to be touched again,
Anger smells like sweat and blood.
Anger smells like the growl of a beast,
This is what anger sounds like.

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Spazhottie247 said...
Dec. 25, 2010 at 9:44 pm
I really like this!
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