The Different Perfect Two

December 7, 2010
We used to be the perfect two
No one else, just me and you
We used to jump and laugh and sing
But now your words don’t mean a thing

I want it all back
To the way that things were,
You made my heart crack
And you made my eyes blur

Back to those days
When you used to be mine
But now all I do
Is make countless rhymes

I wish she wasn’t yours
But behind all the closed doors
Are words that go unsaid
They swirl round again

If only she hadn’t been there
It wasn’t her choice to make
All I did was stopped and stared
Because she did it for her own sake

Now shes yours forever and ever
If only I had been just a little more clever
She wouldn’t be yours, I would
I guess we’d still be together, just like we should.

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