Ode to My Bracelet

December 3, 2010
Mrs. Deidre gave it to me
a crystal and pearl Bracelet,
The crystal shines in the light
like the bight dainty moon,
While the flushed pearls
feel like soft velvet,
When I slip it onto my wrist
I am Queen Elizabeth,
My bracelet is a crown,
The crystal is a new pink rose blossoming,
The pearls that surround the crystal like
children surrounding a story teller
in a library,
My heart flutters with
triumphant pleasure,
Without my bracelet I am sorrowful,
My bracelet is a stone wreath,
My so dearly cherished memories
are held with in its pearls,
The crystal is a wonder,
A giant mystery,
It is a looking glass,
A family photo,
A journal with untold secrets
And an ever changing future,
People ask what it means but I never tell,
It means cookies, Christmas, and Santa Clause,
It means dancing, art, and expression,
Mostly it means soul, living, and love,
People see a boring bracelet,
Yet I see a life well lived,
It can stand alone like a weed,
Cursed is thee,
It's an infectious disease,
It's an unread book,
The occasion for my ode is this:
A bracelet is more than a bracelet,
And it can be anything to anybody,
The bracelet will and always will be in my life,
And it should rest right on my wrist.

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