November 25, 2010
By riversain DIAMOND, Clearlake, California
riversain DIAMOND, Clearlake, California
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they say you never miss somthing tell its gone
but what do you do when you miss it so much and you steel have it
what do you do then

do you let them know how you feel
do you think that they can tell
its like a never ending spell

depression lives in the darkest coldest corners in our minds
just waiting
waiting for something to be done or said

it brings you down in a spirwil of emotions
some hurting just you
and yet some that hurt those around you

and in the end youll fell weak and defencless
as if theres nothing you can do
as if life is not worth living for

you may feel like no one cares
no one understands
as if your all alone

lost in the dark
never to be herd of agin
your lost inneed of a good trusting friend

your lost just waiting to be found
you in a way stuck in a never ending world without a sky and you only see ground

and in the light that youve walked away from youll start to be found
youll be able to rise once agin from you little hole in the ground youll be loved and found <3

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