The Heart

November 14, 2010
The Heart is a muscle.
It's meant to be used, to be pulled, stretched, strengthened, touched, built, and torn.
If someone is bold enough, or perhaps sneaky enough to crawl through the caves that protect your heart, and slip a peice of it into their grasp- the longing and devotion we will feel is a mystery in its entirety.
Why is it that this character of the Heart is allowed to work in peices?
To be drained and filled, while still loving and by all means keeping us alive?
Are we supposed to accept this mysterious object for all its Quirks- or can we fight against it, caging it inside for only us to feel and fuel its fire?
Whether or not we are willing to admit... Its not possible to trap your heart.
At some point it chooses what it wants.
Its only our choice to appease it's longing or to reel it back with all our might.
I do believe the Heart can be trained, just like any other muscle, it can- through time and much excercise- be taught to Love.
But I've found it easier to let it rest where its Comfortable.
Where it can play with the occasional butterflies while also being filled, fueled, and strengthened.
So if your Heart is lucky enough to find that... I say let it Rest...
because every muscle needs to be nurtured.

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