Jump Then Fall

November 14, 2010
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I've been contemplating it for as long as I can remember
Every sign along the way has pointed me here to this exact spot
I kick a small stone over the edge and wait to listen for it's landing
But silence and wind are all I inhale
Drawing deeper and deeper my breaths pull to a stop
I cross my arms over my chest and pray my parachute is where it should be
Terrified and congested I teeter along the edge
My body is still
My mind is at peace
And my heart is in my hands
Effortlessly I let the wind carry me over
I'm flying
The atmosphere stench-less
My thoughts holted to the inevitable rush of freedom
Seconds pass and I am still riding high
Knowing any second the truth will be revealed
Lower and lower and lower
I rise
Palms and fingertips I feel along my spine
I open my eyes and a sea of my peers are surfing me across a field
of light, love, and infinite possibilities
The deepest gasp of them all releases from my chest
Again I am alive
Call me a believer.

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