November 14, 2010
By gleekster14 GOLD, San Angelo, Texas
gleekster14 GOLD, San Angelo, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
" I still belive, in spite of everything, people are truly good at heart."

Fluttering wings catching fire with the intensity to take flight
Into another dimension where everyone’s heart is truly good, however in spite
Where we are not destined to our own demise by our own selfish endeavors
That is the place
We all want to be
And it’s Freedom
So Uplifting
So unimaginably free

A struggling family on the precipice of destitution
The only thing that can keep them holding onto the crackling edge
There faithful love and affection
Unfortunately this does not keep their house rooted deep into the stagnant earth
Soiled with doubt and muddy with despair
But at least when it’s abruptly swept away
Their hearts won’t have to pay
To the irate cyclone moving fiercely in disarray
There is a place we all want to be
And it may not be concrete
Oh in fact it is very much abstract
But it lies somewhere we may never feel intact

A scared, insecure young girl
Here innocence lost without a moment’s trial
The judge raised the gavel and slammed down in denial
Her back lays cramped against the torn wall
Of all her life, suddenly seemed to be quite small
A crime she didn’t commit
But a punishment she must receive
While the real culprit drives recklessly loose
Of any true virtue and resurrecting romance
She must lay here and await the warden’s entrance
There is a benevolence we all lose once you can be sure
But let us not lose it twice, three times no more
Oh we must prevent ourselves from ever entering this place
Of a cruel twisted fate that we never were intended to create

A girl lies in her bed
Her blanket tucked comfortably over her pretty ignorant head
Of the horror that lies just outside her comfy little bed
For she is paralyzed with fear
Do not be fooled
Here you lay
Not even the slightest disturbance stirring
There are a thousand bullets flying away
At this fragile little form so capable of shattering
And she tugs on the blanket with so much ease

Then she prays that her mother will return from the shadows

But alas not the slightest holler

A gunshot rings off, splitting the trees

And in the moon-lit night oh yes even she can see

The shadow of the night approaching with his aim pointing down

Onto her pretty little head about to end with one shout

There is a place where freedom is a word not pronounced
Not whispered, not prattled, and not even written for the curious eye to behold

No it is only a word screamed aloud in defiance

Of another defeated victim, fighting desperately for peace

But now they have been released to this place

The place we will all end up someday

Whether this is in vain or modesty

Triumph or defeat

That is up to us to complete

As we carve the words deep into stone

Let us remember that we all will visit this land

An invincible soul staring curiously out into the world
Her diary and pen lying on the windowsill for everyone to read
Of a young girl who was so unimaginably trapped
Fending off fate
Where everyday looked as if it would collapse
Her mind so strong with its foundation
A heart that would always pound with hope even under the heaviest trepidation
So indestructible not even a Nazi could break
This young heroin of a girl, who inspired millions to break
To break free of a predicament however dreary it may appear
A new wind has blown and it’s opened up a clean page to you
To rectify the wrong doings of every mindless mistake
And not with guns, knives, no not even an ugly rebut
But with the dignity and spirit of your reasonable words and actions
Repelling off bullets without the slightest refraction

There is a land were we are not always so welcome
Where we are labeled as ‘’ indifferent’’ and are from then on deported
From this holy land of which we are all entailed
And we cannot help it if others wish to prevail
Of our entrance so unheard of it may be
This is the place our eyes are taken aback to see

This place we

We all want to be

So inspiring

So unbelievably free

A woman who’s hand shakes on the empty table

Her lip quivers unbearably so

Her soul cries out to its suddenly- disappeared mate

Every phone call

Every letter

Every ring at the door

Brings the news of a best friend, husband, father

No more

And she pulls back the veil as she unwillingly sees

A dark shadow of sentiments

Coming to her door to tell
Of another honorable soldier who fought strong but ultimately fell

There is a place

Whose borders are defended incredibly well

With every last breath, last word, last pulse ever pumped

Of a heart who died respectably saving us all

Of a place where we may prey never to be

Because here in this land we are undoubtedly free

Let us remember we may not all make it to this place

However challenging it may seem

We give thanks to the ones who will let it be

That we may all have the same chance to make it here

Where we are all free

This land

We all want to be

So uplifting

So unimaginably free

The author's comments:
I'm currently in the read and write club at my school and for Veteran's Day a teacher on campus wanted us writers to come together to create a real message of freedom and all of its releasing properties. This is my piece: My inspiration was to look at different views when freedom was the goal. Though sometimes it may be lost, stolen, protected with all your might, or just thought about, it is all something we are entitled to have.

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